We produce high-quality caraway and oilseed hemp, grown in the bright Finnish summer, as raw materials for various different applications. Our entire production is based on contract farming, which is always a secure and reliable option for the producer.

Our strong commitment to caraway has established a solid position in the global spice market. We also offer a nutritionally rich alternative – oilseed hemp – for the plant-based protein and vegetable oil market. The demand for oilseed hemp is currently on the rise, presenting numerous opportunities for both primary production and further processing. We also operate as distributors and custodians of certified sowing seeds for Finola oilseed hemp, which is the most widely cultivated variety of oilseed hemp in Europe.

We take pride in providing essential alternatives for crop rotation, supporting the growth and prosperity of Finnish farms. Over the course of three decades, the number of active contract farmers has increased to nearly a thousand all over Finland. The contract producers cultivate caraway on approximately 15,000 hectares while oilseed hemp is cultivated on 1,500 hectares. The company currently employs 25 people.

The products cultivated by our contract farmers and processed by Trans Farm travel around the world through our sales companies FoodFarm and Nordic Caraway. Almost all caraway is exported, to approximately 50 countries. As for oil hemp, around two-thirds are exported, while one-third remains in the domestic market. Oilseed hemp is exported to various parts of Europe as well as Asia.